Constipation in the elderly

constipation in the elderly

As a Physiotherapist working with families taking care of old folks, I often get inundated with questions from such families about constipation in their elderly loved ones and how to relieve their sym...


What you are doing wrong while caring for your loved ones

caring for your loved ones

Have you ever wondered why you feel exhausted and dissipated during caregiving or why you break down and get frustrated while caring for your loved ones. The reasons are not far fetched and falls into...


Fall prevention in the elderly

Homecare agency 9

Fall Prevention in the Elderly Families who have older loved ones should realize that with aging come physical and health challenges.  These physical and health challenges put their senior ones at ris...


Helping families find their way

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Helping families find their way When a diagnosis of a debilitating condition or terminal illness is given to one’s loved senior one, it can be a very difficult and emotionally unstable period for fami...

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