Elderly Care: The Essence of Good Hygiene

elderly hygiene

The elderly are susceptible as their immune system is no longer what it should be. Due to ageing or a medical condition, they can easily be infested with a disease. This is why it is very important th...


Bringing out the best in your loved one


Seniors are usually seen as tired ,and inactive people who should be in bed for most of the time. A lot of people think that after their retirement,they should only be eating, sleeping and be expectin...


A Letter to the Elderly


Dear Senior dad/mum, We just want to use this letter to express our love to you and to reach out to you. We wish you long life in peace, joy and good health. We desire that you will still stay alive (...


Preventing Abuse in the Elderly

senior man covering his face with his hands.vintage tone

Elder abuse is a social problem that is devastating for victims and their families. It is fairly common and indeed a worldwide issue. Global organizations such as the World Health Organization and Int...


Rockgarden Homecare Agency: Why We Are Your Number One Choice


The present pandemic has caused a lot of panic and fear especially for those who have aged ones, knowing that they are at high risk of getting affected in this times. It is not surprising that our pho...


Why our Caregivers are not Househelps


INTRODUCTION Many Nigerians find it difficult to cope with having to be at work early in the morning and having to take care of an elderly one. Taking care of an elderly person can be quite demanding ...


Understanding the aging process


Aging is a normal part of human life. Though it is very normal, it is also very different in every individual and that is why it’s very important to understand the aging process. Aging process ...


Physical Activities in the elderly

the elderly

In a man’s life, physical activities have proven to be very beneficial and several studies have shown time and again that it is a very important part in a man’s wellbeing. It has shown to ...


Constipation in the elderly

constipation in the elderly

As a Physiotherapist working with families taking care of old folks, I often get inundated with questions from such families about constipation in their elderly loved ones and how to relieve their sym...


What you are doing wrong while caring for your loved ones

caring for your loved ones

Have you ever wondered why you feel exhausted and dissipated during caregiving or why you break down and get frustrated while caring for your loved ones. The reasons are not far fetched and falls into...